Madi Elliott

|be kind. do good. spread joy.|

Hi, I’m Madi. I work in the mental health field, I was led there due to my struggle with mental illness. I spent most of my time battling depression, anxiety, and disordered eating unsuccessfully. I finally feel like I am living my life instead of watching it pass me by. If there is even one person who needs to feel less alone or needs support, I hope I can help.


I hope to create a community that supports each other, shares the struggles along with the wins, and can just be authentic with each other. It is a community that I need and I hope others can benefit from as well.

I will be sharing my journey with mental illness, physical health, life struggles, and finding the best version of myself. I care greatly about finding Wellness because I believe it is key in addressing all areas of life. Fitness and nutrition have been a huge part of addressing this. It had to be a lifestyle change. Diets were not sustainable and did not support me in the way I needed.

My Posts

Even When It Hurts

I woke up one day and didn’t know who I was anymore. There were things I had lost somewhere along my journey and desperately needed to regain… Over the last about 1.5 years, I have been trying to reconnect with myself. There were things I had outgrown that required newness.  I hated myself and I couldn’t seem to… Continue reading Even When It Hurts

A Sister’s Thanks

There are so many things I am thankful for this year. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities I have had this past year. I am also so thankful for the family I am blessed to have. Though it was heartbreaking when my parents split, it allowed for my family to grow in size and… Continue reading A Sister’s Thanks

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